CAMA MINI 24/16/10/4


Split cable entry frame for cable entry with and without plug from 3 - 33 mm cable diameter. 
Due to the flexible internal division of the frame, only one frame per cut-out size is required. 
It goes without saying that each frame fits the standardized cut-out dimensions and hole patterns. 
The integrated elastomer seal reliably seals up to IP 66 - no further seals are required.



  • Flexible and demand-oriented assembly of the frame, subsequent changes also possible
  • Easy assembly
  • Obtaining the warranty of pre-terminated cables due to uninterrupted cable routing
  • Suitable for all common standard cut-out dimensions and drilling patterns
  • IP 65 and IP 66
  • Suitable grommets GS and GL series
  • For cut-out sizes up to 54 x 115 mm